Digital Video Equipment Rental

Digital Video Equipment Rental

Underwater Eyes rents complete Video setups. A setup can include: monitor,  switches, recorder,  light , and case.

Video Camera Recording System Components & Specs

Large Pelican Case includes:

  • Video Monitor
  •  Recorder (with operation instructions)
  • Light Power Control Switch with variable intensity light control
  • Recorder/Monitor remote controls
  • Batteries, spare light bulb, microphone
  • 700 line, high resolution color camera or 1080p HD camera within a light weight Delran housing
  • Light assembly
  • Aluminum camera/light helmet mounting bracket
  • Large Case Max weight 80 lbs.

Large Tote box includes:

  • Over 600’ of video/audio/light cable for underwater camera recording activity and a polyester external cable covering for extra durability and maximum flexibility.
  • Also, we provide video cable with sacrificial whip quick change Seacon 5 pin w/ ground connectors.
  • Minimum weight for this Tote box is 120 lbs.


Cable Storage Tote Box

Storage box is capable of transporting 600+ feet of video/audio/light cable.

The cable boxes are 44” long X 21” wide X 17” tall and have a min. weight of 120 lbs.

Color Video Camera Light Assembly


700 line high resolution color video camera with lightweight Delran housing

Light with aluminum helmet bracket

Light controls include: on/off switch and a variable light intensity control

  • It is recommended to only operate the light while in the water so the light does not overheat.

Aluminum Helmet Bracket


The aluminum helmet bracket allows easy and simple attachment of the light/camera to the diver’s helmet. This allows for hands free operation of the video event. The bracket is included with all video units.

Waterproof Pelican Case 

Waterproof Pelican Case

Waterproof Pelican Case designed to safely house and transport the camera systems power supply, control panel and recording equipment. Plug and Play easy to operate.

On/Off Power buttons for:

  1. Video monitor (remote included)
  2. Recorder (remote incl.)
  3. Camera Power
  4. Dive Light with variable intensity control
  5. Microphone included for audio identification

* Additional RCA jacks for video capture output.

  • Additional Audio IN RCA jack is included
  • Batteries and camera/light assembly with bracket can be stored within.
  • Recorder instructional manual is included

Waterproof Pelican Case

The waterproof Pelican Cases are durable and easy to transport. The large Pelican Case houses the camera operating/recording systems.  The large case fully loaded is approx. 80 lbs.